Accelerating Education in Texas K12: The Future of School District Innovation

In this episode of Accelerating Texas K12 Education, Summit K12 host JW Marshall is joined by Doug Roberts, Founder/CEO of the Institute for Education Innovation. The two discussed what Robert’s organization is doing locally and nationally. Robert’s also offered insight into the past, present and future of district innovation, as well as how districts can continue to build on the positive changes that began in 2021.

Robert is both a father and a husband, but beyond that he is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Education Innovation, an institution dedicated to solving the most pressing problems in education and providing durable solutions.

“Why I love this is because I think school superintendents are some of the most amazing people on the planet and I’m honored to be able to spend time with them and connect them with some of these incredible people who lead and have created organizations in the K12 industry,” Robert’s explained.

The Institute for Education Innovation works with superintendents across the country, whether they are aspiring superintendents or season veterans. They host three3 Superintendent Summits a year, where superintendents and directors of studies work together to tackle the biggest issues in education. “The professional development that comes from that is sharing those stories across geographies and borders.”

Especially when it came to fall 2021, districts everywhere were grappling with political issues related to Covid-19. However, it turned out that there was so much in common that as a group they were able to come up with workable solutions to help districts across the United States survive and persist.

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