ADIPEC 2022 explores the latest smart industries in the energy sector

ABU DHABI: The manufacturing industry continues to face growing demands for clean energy and consumer scrutiny of its impact on the environment. That’s why at ADIPEC, the world’s largest and most inclusive energy forum, the Smart Manufacturing Strategic and Technical Conferences and Exhibition Zone, provides an essential platform for the industry to explore new collaborations and identify solutions. in this space.

The 2022 ADIPEC Smart Manufacturing Conferences brought together manufacturers from across the energy industry to examine how advanced technologies, including AI, IIoT and advanced robotics, as well as the localization of the supply chain sourcing, foreign direct investment and talent unlock greater value, drive productivity and transform value chains. Case studies and real-time demonstrations from industry experts were presented during the technical conference, providing first-hand insight into the latest technologies.

“Bringing together international and local leaders from the manufacturing and energy sectors, the ADIPEC Smart Manufacturing Zone was the perfect platform to showcase our Make it in the Emirates campaign to international stakeholders. Backed by some of the largest industrial companies and facilitators, Make it in the Emirates invites investors and innovators to benefit from the UAE’s unique value proposition, including strong support for entrepreneurs and SMEs looking to develop, manufacture and export their products from the UAE,” said Omar Al Suwaidi, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology.

Establishing a thriving and innovative global manufacturing hub is a key part of the UAE’s vision to diversify and expand the country’s economy towards a net zero future, which has been a focal point for the area of intelligent manufacturing ADIPEC 2022.

Speaking at the Smart Manufacturing Strategy Conference, in a session titled “Investment Insights: Key Drivers for Attracting Manufacturing Investment in the UAE”, Saud Abu Alshawareb, Executive Vice President, Dubai Industrial City (DIC), said: “We are nimble with a full DIC supply chain – we have been an enabler since 2014, with six sectors. We have the largest electronics recycling facility in the world, generating raw materials for Thanks to this circular economy, our goal is to decarbonize the industrial sector within the framework of Net Zero 2050.

“Today, ‘Made in UAE’ products can reach high-end markets because we have decarbonized products, produced with low carbon emissions, which open our products to European and American markets,” he said. added.

Meanwhile, as part of ADIPEC’s strategic conference program, industry leaders also explored the role of carbon capture and utilization (CCU) and storage technologies as a major contributor to transition strategies, and how recent investments are driving technological advances in this area.

During the strategy session “Accelerating Progress in Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage: Increasing the Opportunity”, Laure Mandrou, Senior Vice President, Carbon-Free Solutions, Technip Energies, said: “The acceleration is really needed to accelerate UCC, whether it’s in terms of policy, technology or funding.”

“We need more projects going through de-risking and running to start decarbonizing more. We need to target more projects on FID (Final Investment Decision) with the solutions we have today. Forums like ADIPEC really help align the industry to get things done,” she said.

With record participation from over 160 countries and with over 28 dedicated national pavilions this year, ADIPEC is the most inclusive and international energy platform, bringing together global leaders from all markets to tackle critical issues related to security, accessibility and sustainability of energy, and chart the course for a gradual and pragmatic energy transition.

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