Amnext launches its Prize Pools series to save money


NEW YORK, October 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Amnext is revolutionizing traditional savings methods by launching multiple lossless prize pools where users can easily save cryptocurrencies and have the opportunity to earn direct and passive income with less risk.

Amnext solves the ever-changing problems of standard lottery systems that are created to generate profit without considering the disadvantages they bring. For example, CNBC reported that in the United States, “spending on lottery tickets is about $ 1,038 per year per consumer, according to a recent survey commissioned by Bankrate of more than 2,300 American adults.” (Leonhardt, 2019)1. A study by Ann Carnahan talks about problem gambling in lotteries: “It is increasingly evident that the new games introduced by lotteries to increase sales are more addictive and aggravate the problem of problem gamblers. Dr Lance Dodes, director of The Center for Problem Gambling at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, estimates that 40% of his patients are lottery players.

This is something Amnext set out to resolve.

No Loss Prize Pools were developed on the Binance Smart Chain, providing the world with a fun and easy way to save money and make a profit. The creators combined the power of Blockchain and DeFi with a lottery to create something unique and useful to save money and win at the same time.

The platform allows all individuals the opportunity to earn passive income through multiple methods. The first method is the AMC machine, which provides a standard high interest return in $ AMC tokens. The second allows users to save money by depositing funds into lossless prize pools and receiving lossless tickets, which allow them to win prizes until they decide to withdraw the funds. Thus, the lucky winners collect the prizes and their tickets at the end of each draw. However, this game is unique because players who do not win also get their tickets back. So everyone involved keeps their money safe. Amnext Prize Pools uses a smart system to fund the prizes, the deposited funds earn interest in the betting pools and at the end of each day they are accumulated to generate the jackpots. The third feature that has been designed is the Lifetime Lottery System. This allows investors to buy tickets for life and create affiliate networks that bring them direct and passive income. Something unique and simple is happening; participants gain an infinite chance of winning and the right to participate in the lottery draws forever.

Feature overview

  • No Loss Prize Pool: The No Loss Prize Pool is made up of funds whose accrued interest is distributed in the form of prizes. The concept is well established and otherwise known as a “price linked savings account”. All of the prize games created by the protocol share the same basic characteristics.
  • Lifetime ticket: Lottery tickets valid for life. Users can purchase lifetime tickets and have the opportunity to win great prizes for the rest of their life as well as make profit through the Articulated Network Marketing System.
  • Sources of Return: Amnext has a staking protocol called AMC Machine; it is used as the yield price generator for the AMC Lifetime Prize Pool and the AMC Master Lossless Prize Pool. Other prize pools use the Venus Protocol return sources and the PancakeSwap syrup prize pool as performance prize generators.
  • Loot Box: The Loot Box is an AMC token incentive, added to the Grand Prizes of the Prize Pools. The Loot Box is generated from 20% of the AMC issued per block.
  • AMC Machine: Users can wager AMC tokens and generate more AMC to greatly increase their profits.

Fabio Pizzingrilli, CEO, said: “The Amnext ecosystem is built around two concepts: to change the entire lottery system and to offer people around the world a safe and easy way to save money and achieve benefits.

Media contact

Company: Amnext

Twitter: @FabioPizzin | @OfficialAmnext

Telegram: @amnext_official

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