Anime NYC Updates 2021 Amdist COVID-19 Surge Attendees

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge effect on the world of anime and manga with many franchises due to be delayed or canceled in the face of COVID-19 and therefore the virus has had an effect on live conventions which have helped promote the medium and the series it contains. Anime NYC, Powered By Crunchyroll, started just a few years ago, popped up in 2017, but was also hit by the coronavirus pandemic last year, and the creative minds behind the convention shared an update. day regarding their event. Later this year.

With New York City implementing new restrictions on indoor events due to the Delta variant of the coronavirus, Anime NYC has revealed an update for its fans via its official website:

“Throughout the year, Anime NYC has worked closely with the Javits Center and New York City and New York State officials to ensure that we host this November as a safe and healthy event. We greatly appreciate their advice, and we want to share the latest NYC news with you today. On August 3, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that proof of vaccination will be required to participate in events in theaters across NYC. Full city details will be released later this month, but we want to make sure we share a preview with you immediately. From now on, the following will be required to participate in the This year’s NYC anime:

Proof of vaccination for all Anime NYC attendees and mandatory mask use for all Anime NYC attendees, “

On August 3, the New York City government announced that proof of vaccination would be required for “indoor dining, indoor gymnasiums, concerts and indoor performances”, for to name a few, Anime NYC falling under that jurisdiction with the event taking place November 19-21:

There has been no news on the possibility of Anime NYC going digital this year, like other events such as Crunchyroll Expo and Anime Expo to name a few. With the convention expected to have several different actors and creative minds in the anime world, the convention made a name for itself in a relatively short time.

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