Britney Spears has quietly pushed for years to end his term as Tory


Confidential court records reveal Ms Spears’ concerns that her father was not the person who set and enforced the rules that governed her life.

Ms Spears’ first tour under the tutelage, The Circus Starring Britney Spears, was designed to be dry, with the cast and crew banned from drinking alcohol – or even energy drinks – around Ms Spears, according to three people who worked there. .

During this period, a former nanny and housekeeper to Ms Spears claimed that Mr Spears had engaged in “verbal abuse, tirades, inappropriate behavior and alcohol relapses,” according to a legal letter sent in. 2010 which threatened to prosecute.

In 2014, Mr Ingham told the court that Ms Spears believed her father was drinking, according to a transcript of the closed hearing. Lawyers representing the Guardianship replied that Mr. Spears had voluntarily submitted to regular blood alcohol tests and had never failed. Mr Spears’ attorney said he took one random test but refused to take any more, calling the request inappropriate.

“Absolutely inappropriate,” replied the judge. – And who is she to demand that from anyone?

Mr Ingham told the court his client was upset that he did not take his concerns seriously. “She told me, when she gave me this shopping list, that she anticipated that, as has been done before, the court would simply sweep it under the rug and ignore any negative inference about Mr. Spears.” Mr. Ingham said, according to a transcript.

Mr Ingham also referred to Ms Spears’ urgent desire to end the trusteeship. She had even raised the possibility of changing her lifestyle and retiring, but believed the guardianship was preventing it, he said, according to a transcript.


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