In NY-10, only Dan Goldman doesn’t remember NYC mayor’s vote

After Dan Goldman claimed he couldn’t remember his top pick in the Democratic race for mayor of New York last year, his main rivals in the House had no trouble remembering their votes.

Kathryn Gracia, the ex-sanitation commissioner who narrowly fell to Eric Adams, emerged as a popular pick in a brief survey of leading Democratic primary candidates for New York’s 10th congressional district, which includes lower Manhattan and sections of Brownstone Brooklyn.

Goldman, an ultra-wealthy former federal prosecutor who helped impeach former President Donald Trump, told a news conference Friday he was unsure whether he ranked Garcia or Adams first on his ballot. At the mayor.

Goldman said he ranked Garcia and Adams in his top two, despite campaign finance records showing he donated $2,000 to Democrat Andrew Yang at the end of the race, but not Garcia. . He later told WNYW-TV that he voted for Garcia first and Adams second, and donated to Yang because he was “invited to a fundraiser.”

“I didn’t expect that question,” he told the station when asked about his earlier oversight.

At 81, former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman showed no difficulty refreshing her memory on Sunday.

“Is this a serious question? Of course, I remember who I voted for! Holtzman, seeking to return to the House after serving there from 1973 to 1981, said by telephone. “I voted for Kathryn Garcia.”

Councilman Carlina Rivera (D-Manhattan) said she also ranked Garcia first, recalling the 14-month-old vote while campaigning Saturday in Park Slope, Brooklyn. “I put Kathryn,” Rivera said of her No. 1 pick. “I just have a lot of respect for her.”

“She always gave me good advice since I knew her as commissioner,” Rivera said of Garcia. “I think she influenced my life as a civil servant.”

Rivera, who has tremendous union support in the congressional primary, added that she ranked Maya Wiley second in the mayoral primary.

State Deputy Yuh-Line Niou (D-Manhattan) said she put Wiley first last year and dropped the current mayor from her ballot.

“I voted for Maya, and I also voted for Art Chang,” said Niou, an outspoken progressive with significant activist support, during a campaign stop in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, on Sunday. “I voted for a whole list of five people that didn’t include Eric Adams.”

And Congresswoman Jo Anne Simon (D-Brooklyn) said she ranked Wiley first and Garcia second in the heated mayoral race.

“It’s important to be transparent as an elected leader,” Simon said in a statement Monday. “Being authentic matters more than being politically neutral.”

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