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Americans care about money, not their well-being

In response to the article titled “Half of American Adults Exposed to Harmful Levels of Lead During Childhood” [March 8]with the increase in factory jobs due to the American Industrial Revolution, lead poisoning epidemics were at their worst.

These factory workers received high daily doses of lead through inhalation, through consumption of food in the factory, and through the skin. It was commonly believed that if you worked in the factory you would get sick, but wages were better in the factory than on the farm. Children whose parents worked in this factory would also be exposed to this lead due to the dust on the parents’ clothes. Another reason half of American adults were exposed to lead as children was through household paint. This paint was used for cradles, walls of the house and for all other purposes.

While many researchers and scientists of the time realized the devastating facts of this high exposure to lead, it was not until 1970 that lead was banned in household paint. The question is why, if we knew lead exposure was bad for our health, did it take so long to get rid of it? The answer is because everyone lived that lifestyle and that was the norm. Simply put, half of American adults were exposed to lead because parents and society at the time were more concerned with making money for the family than taking care of their own health and well-being.

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