NASCAR All-Star Prize: How much will the winning driver earn for the 2022 race?

Much of NASCAR’s finances are shrouded in mystery. This is not the case for the All-Star Race.

The prize money of the event is the biggest motivation for the competition. It will be the thing drivers will be vying for when they head to Texas Motor Speedway to compete in this year’s iteration of the race.

Well, that and bragging rights.

Sporting News has told you how much a winning driver earns for winning the All-Star race, along with a list of past winners of the competition.

How much money does a driver get for winning the All-Star Race?

Prize money: $1 million

The winner of the NASCAR All-Star Race receives a cash prize of $1 million. Racer teams also participate in a pit stop challenge, which can earn them $100,000.

It was a prize first introduced in the 2003 All-Star Race, which was the last to be sponsored by Winston.

In 2003, this prize money was quite significant. Jimmie Johnson, the winner of the 2003 All-Star Race, earned more than $7.7 million this season, the second highest in Cup Series earnings this year behind champion Matt Kenseth.

That million dollars earned during the All-Star run accounted for about 13% of Johnson’s total earnings in 2003.

Fast forward to today, and the race has waned in popularity. Prize money is more of a footnote than anything at present, as it pales in comparison to the race earnings that drivers earn over the course of the season.

In 2015 (the last year NASCAR made team earnings available), Kevin Harvick earned a series-leading $11.7 million. Still, the All-Star race prize remained the same. Hmm.

All-star race winners technically lose money year after year. Let me explain to you.

The cash prize offered to runners has been set at $1 million since 2003. However, Jimmie Johnson’s 2003 All-Star race winnings are actually worth $1.57 million in today’s market, according to Nick Bromberg of Yahoo Sports.

The value of the American has depreciated over time. Yet the actual turnover remains the same. So the runners are unable to stretch that million dollars as much as they could in 2003.

It seems NASCAR executives don’t have a great understanding of economics.

And the lack of interest in the competition was evident to many. This is one of dozens of different formats that have been used to generate interest in the All-Star race. It’s a sign of a dying fanbase.

Maybe NASCAR should change the cash prize it offers rather than how the race is run. Give drivers and their teams bigger payouts for winning the competition. Or, as Bromberg suggested in a 2017 post, simultaneously offer a $1 million cash prize to fans.

List of past All-Star Race winners

Year Auto Winner Owner Model
1985 11 Darrell Waltrip Junior Johnson & Associates Chevy
1986 9 Bill Elliot Meling Racing Ford
1987 3 Dale Earnhardt Richard Childress Racing Chevy
1988 11 Terry Labonte Junior Johnson & Associates (2) Chevy
1989 27 Rusty Wallace Blue Max Racing Pontiac
1990 3 Dale Earnhardt (2) Richard Childress Racing (2) Chevy
1991 28 Davey Allison Robert Yates Race Ford
1992 28 David Allison (2) Robert Yates Racing (2) Ford
1993 3 Dale Earnhardt (3) Richard Childress Racing (3) Chevy
1994 7 Geoffroy Bodine Geoff Bodine Racing Ford
1995 24 Jeff Gordon Hendrick Motorsports Chevy
1996 21 Michael Waltrip Race of the Wood Brothers Ford
1997 24 Jeff Gordon Hendrick Motorsports (2) Chevy
1998 6 Mark Martin

Roush Fenway Racing

1999 5 Terry Labonte (2) Hendrick Motorsports (3) Chevy
2000 8 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Earnhardt Inc. Chevy
2001 24 Jeff Gordon (3) Hendrick Motorsports (4) Chevy
2002 12 Ryan Newman Penske Racing Ford
2003 48 jimmy johnson Hendrick Motorsports (5) Chevy
2004 17 Matt Kenseth Roush Fenway Racing (2) Ford
2005 6 Mark Martin (2) Roush Fenway Racing (3) Ford
2006 48 jimmy johnson Hendrick Motorsports (6) Chevy
2007 29 Kevin Harvick Richard Childress Racing (4) Chevy
2008 9 Kasey Kahne Gillett Evernham Motorsports To dodge
2009 14 Tony Stuart Stewart Haas Racing Chevy
2010 2 Kurt Busch Penske Racing (2) To dodge
2011 99 Carl Edwards Roush Fenway Racing (4) Ford
2012 48 Jimmy Johnson (3) Hendrick Motorsports (7) Chevy
2013 48 Jimmy Johnson (4) Hendrick Motorsports (8) Chevy
2014 1 Jamie McMurray Chip Ganassi Racing (1) Chevy
2015 11 Denny Hamlin Joe Gibbs Race Toyota
2016 22 Joey Logan Team Penske (3) Ford
2017 18 Kyle Busch Joe Gibbs Racing (2) Toyota
2018 4 Kevin Harvick (2) Stewart Haas Racing (2) Ford
2019 42 Kyle Larson Chip Ganassi Racing (2) Chevy
2020 9 Chase Elliot Hendrick Motorsports (9) Chevy
2021 5 Kyle Larson (2) Hendrick Motorsports (10) Chevy

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