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(ViacomCBS) – The challenge: all the stars returns for its second season on Paramount + this Thursday, November 11. As the name suggests, this version of The challenge will pit the best of the best against each other in a brutal competition for $ 500,000.

CBS’s Matt Weiss spoke to two of the The challengeits biggest contestants, Ayanna Mackins and Ryan Kehoe, ahead of Thursday’s premiere.

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MW- Hi! The challenge: all the stars season two kicks off today on Paramount +, how did you both feel coming back there?

A M- I felt like it was very, very good, you know, to think that someone you know would dig under a rock and find me among all the nutrients in the soil and things that didn’t see daylight for a long time. You know, I am very honored for this. And

RK- I just felt good to have another photo and be back.

MW- How does the preparation go when you prepare for The challenge, is there really nothing like it?

RK- You are TRYING to practice. [laughs] You try to train, you try to run a little more than you normally would. You really can’t prepare for these specific challenges, but since no one can teach you how to jump off a cliff or pick up flags, whatever it is. You just do it in the moment.

A M- I have had weight problems since I was on TV 20 years ago. I’m a mom of four and my last child was born four days before Washington DC was quarantined. I tried my best to keep running and a little bit of work on the bike and just little things to get in shape.

Mentally, I really had to unpack boxes of stuff. Some people have really embraced the genre of reality as a whole, but the last time I was on TV it was a different world. Facebook didn’t exist, it was just completely different. So just to re-acclimate myself to this idea of ​​not being anonymous anymore which also helped a bit with the preparation, I think.

MW- Well, congratulations on being a mother again, very exciting. So if you were to win and take the win, luckily you don’t have to choose one or the other, but what is it that you are most satisfied with, the money or the title?

RK- Oh, the $ 500,000 Are you kidding me? [Laughs] I’m going to go around the world and see different places with this $ 500,000. I am going to take my mother around the world and give her experiences that I have been lucky enough to have and that she has never had.

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A M- At this point in my life, $ 500,000 means a very, very strong education savings plan for my children. These are my plans to make a big bag of money in any setting.

But on the other hand, saying I can go all the way and make history as a winner of The challenge. You know, I can’t say it’s not sexy, and it’s not attractive.

MW- Last question before we let the two of you go, what can we expect from this season of The challenge: all the stars?

RK- I’ll tell you this was my favorite challenge to film as a cast member. I had so much fun. I had so much camaraderie with the actors. It was like a summer camp for weirdos, like weird adults who need to grow up. We did some ridiculous stuff but we still compete the same way.

We were in competition when we were 25, but now we have 40-year-old bodies. So now we have to foil some more but you’ve got a creepy camera in your face and you’re like I just have to do that. Jump off that stuff, drown, bury yourself alive, get in, do it. It’s kinda crazy what you’re gonna do for $ 500,000. But seriously, it was by far the best challenge.

A M- Ah, absolutely. I think that also extends to the fans and all of you who are going to be spending your time on Paramount + watching our season. Sometimes we all need to connect with someone just to push us.

Someone could get in touch with Ryan and say he’s my guy, I’m gonna go out and start this cupcake business. I’m going to go out there and take this trip or take this chance. I think you’re going to get it from this season. You’re going to find someone to connect with and say hello to them, I can do that too.

MW- Fantastic, thank you both very much for the time today and all the best!

A M- Thank you so much.

RK- Alright, take care of yourself!

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The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 arrives at Paramount + on Thursday, November 11.

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