Proposed legislation would ban wind turbines on New York lakes | Local News


ALBANY – The New York State Conservation Council supports legislation sponsored by Senator George Borrello to ban wind turbines on New York’s lakes and freshwater bodies.

Concerned about the threat wind turbines pose to the environment, NYSCC board members voted in favor of Borrello’s Bill and associated legislation sponsored by Assembly Member Brian Mankelow, R- Lyons at the NYSCC board meeting in May.

“The New York State Conservation Council has been fighting to protect our natural resources for 88 years,” Borello, R-Sunset Bay, said in a press release. “They recognize that once these wind turbines are forced into our lakes, the damage is done. I would like to thank them for lending their voice to this fight and for supporting my bill and its accompanying legislation sponsored by my fellow Assembly member Brian Mankelow.

In their memorandum, NYSCC board members said they feared the negative impacts of allowing wind turbines in New York’s lakes to be overlooked. Their memo reads in part:

“Moving forward on offshore wind turbine construction at this time is little more than a best guess from insufficient information. It is a guess we cannot afford to be wrong. It is essential to enact this proposed moratorium until meaningful data becomes available… The NYSCC believes that too little is currently known to support the installation of wind turbines on Lake Erie and other bodies of water. we support the proposed legislative moratorium.

NYSCC board chairman A. Charles Parker said there was too much at stake to allow wind turbines in New York’s lakes.

“We can’t afford to go wrong, not with our great lakes,” he said. “There aren’t enough known. The data isn’t there and it’s just not worth the risk. “

Borrello said pressure from Governor Andrew Cuomo to litter New York’s lakes with wind turbines is a measure to appease his political supporters, not to fight climate change.

“It’s nothing but a gift from buddy capitalism wrapped to look like environmental policy,” he said. “Gov. Cuomo and his friends and allies who are benefiting from these projects would authorize 460-foot industrial wind turbines in the waters of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario without considering the impact on the environment or human health. This reckless push to industrialize our freshwater lakes is more about promoting a bogus political agenda than doing anything significant to reduce carbon emissions. “

Senator Borrello said the governor’s green energy program unfairly targets upstate New York as well.


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