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The latest congressional financial statements have come out, showing Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has once again greatly exceeded her growing number of competitors.

In a series of routine disclosure documents filed Friday, Representative Stefanik, R-Schuylerville, showed that she raised $ 1,140,947 between July 1 and September 30, just for her campaign in Congress. Taking into account the $ 267,000 raised by E-PAC, its organization supporting Republican women, $ 1.46 million in the last quarter.

The congressman received about $ 885,900 of her congressional committee income from individual contributions, split roughly evenly between small contributions and large donations of $ 250 or more.

She raised exactly $ 162,000 from political action committees, including several large corporations. While his Democratic challengers have almost universally sworn not to take the corporate PAC money, Stefanik has accepted large donations from groups such as the Lockheed Martin employee PAC, which has so far donated $ 3,000. in the last quarter and $ 4,000 in this election cycle; Raytheon Corp., which donated $ 2,000 this quarter; and the Burger King Franchise PAC, which also donated $ 2,000.

The MP’s biggest supporter of the corporate PAC was UBS Americas PAC, which represents the political interests of the US arm of the Swiss investment bank and financial services firm UBS Group AG. The UBS Group is the largest Swiss banking institution and the largest private bank in the world, with subsidiaries established in all of the world’s major financial centers.

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The congresswoman also received $ 4,000 from the campaign for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., $ 10,000 from the House Majority PAC led by Representative McCarthy and $ 10,000 from the Eye of the Tiger PAC led by Representative Steve Scalise, R- La.

Overall, Stefanik has declared a record income at this point in a year without an election for any northern candidate in history. In a statement sent on Monday after the financial information was released, Stefanik’s senior adviser Alex DeGrasse boasted of how the congressman had outperformed all of her Democratic competitors combined.

“None of the five far-left socialists in the running is opposed to MEP Stefanik, who has five times more money than all her opponents put together,” he said.

Stefanik’s campaign has spent around $ 1 million of the $ 3,685,100 it has raised since the election ended last year. She ended September with $ 2,630,875 on hand, without any debt. She spent most of that amount on current expenses, including $ 558,162 in operating expenses in the last quarter. These expenses include flights and travel, rent and salaries, credit card processing fees for online donations, and campaign expenses.

The MP’s campaign also made a number of contributions to other candidates and charitable causes over the past quarter. The campaign donated $ 1,000 to the Lewis County Dairy Industry Building, which facilitates the milking of show cows at the Lewis County Fair on August 10.

For other congressional campaigns, Stefanik donated $ 16,000 to various candidates in New York, Idaho, Maine and Ohio.

The Stefanik campaign donated $ 2,000 to the New York Republican Federal Campaign Committee, $ 500 to the New York Republican Youth College Group, $ 500 to the St. Lawrence County Republican Committee, $ 250 to the Republican Court nominee in the family of St. Lawrence County Andrew Moses, and $ 250 to Sue Bellor, candidate for mayor of Massena.

DeGrasse said, as the congressman won a record-breaking margin in 2020, her team are confident they can do the same in 2022.

“MP Stefanik won the last election with the most votes ever for a congressional candidate from the north of the country, and our team is eagerly awaiting another historic landslide against one of these extreme Democrats. left, ”he said.

Of the Democrats vying against Stefanik, newly announced candidate Joseph “Matt” Castelli raised the largest amount in the last quarter, bringing in $ 275,454. Almost all of this comes from individual and independent donors, with $ 5,800 donated by Castelli himself.

He also ran a relatively inexpensive campaign, spending just $ 11,263 in total. Castelli spent $ 5,452 on purchasing a list of donors from a Democratic political communications company and $ 5,810 on fees from ActBlue, the leading Democratic online donation platform.

Castelli’s relatively high earnings, coupled with his low campaign costs, left him with $ 246,190 in cash as of September 30, the highest sum of any longtime Democratic opponent.

In a statement sent on Monday, Castelli said he increased that amount in just 22 days.

“Since launching our campaign just over a month ago, we have taken many steps in building a bottom-up effort,” he said. “While Elise Stefanik may draw on extreme special interest groups, I am proud that this campaign attracts grassroots support and a team dedicated to replacing a bought and paid politician for Washington, DC. “

Matthew Putorti, the second Democratic candidate to announce his campaign for Congress, has the second-largest war chest among the Democratic field, although he only ranks third in donations compared to all of his Democratic opponents. Putorti brought in $ 138,471 in donations, but spent $ 149,432, leaving him $ 183,722 in cash, thanks to donations from the previous quarter.

Putorti is the only candidate with debt, and owes $ 7,250 to Blueprint Interactive, a marketing agency, and $ 1,500 to Barbara Spoor, a consultant from the Whitehall area, according to the Putorti documents.

Much of Putorti’s spending goes to consulting various national Democratic agencies, bank charges, and printing campaign materials.

Brigid “Bridie” Farrell, the third Democrat to announce her candidacy in June, said she raised $ 159,512 in donations in the last quarter, while she spent $ 92,011 in total. She ended September with $ 67,500 on hand.

Farrell’s only non-individual donation was $ 500 from Remedy PAC, led by Representative Eric Swalwell, D-Calif.

His campaign expenses are primarily on consulting, digital advertising and $ 17,500 for the production of digital videos by marketing agency Bryson Gillette, the company that manages his campaign.

The smaller Democratic campaign is owned by Ezra Watson, a resident of Wilton, Saratoga County. Despite being the first Democrat to announce his campaign, this is his first campaign finance disclosure. Watson brought in $ 1,709 last quarter.

Watson has spent $ 1,300 so far. namely, for a campaign manager and reimbursement of a volunteer for the purchase of campaign services.

There is also a fifth Democrat in the race, Keith Sherrill, a Democrat from Sackets Harbor who applied on September 24. Sherrill has yet to actively campaign, publicly announce his candidacy, or release financial information yet. A phone number listed on their Federal Election Commission organization statement, connected to a voicemail box that has not been configured.

Lonny Koons, a resident of the Carthage area, hopes to challenge Stefanik in a Republican primary election next summer. Koons said he raised $ 2,235 in the last quarter and $ 6,800 since the start of the year.

Most are self-funded. Koons donated $ 4,067 to his own campaign, without any other major donors.

He spent about $ 5,400 in this election cycle and $ 1,936 in the last quarter, mostly on cell phone bills, campaign materials and office supplies.

The seven NY-21 congressional candidates will have around nine months to continue fundraising and campaigning ahead of the New York primaries, which are slated to be held in June 2022.

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